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Centerline Logistics Announces Major Acquisition of Saltchuk Marine Services’ Refueling Operations 


Significant Addition Strengthens Centerline’s

National Leadership in Safe Petroleum Transportation




Nautical Miles Traveled

Jobs Completed Last Year



Barrels of Oil Moved Safely Last Year

Customers Served

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Centerline Logistics is a premier marine petroleum transportation operator with one of the largest and most diverse fleets serving the West, East, and Gulf Coasts of the United States. Centerline is built on a core value of a safety first culture that has led to one of the most exemplary safety and operating track records in the petroleum transportation business over its 30+ years in business.

Today, Centerline is an integral part of the country's supply chain providing fueling services to ships, transporting petroleum between critical refineries and terminals, and safely assisting and escorting ships into some of the largest ports in the country.


From small vessels to the worlds largest ships, Centerline's fleet of double-hull barges provides critical refueling (bunkering) services that are essential to supporting domestic trade as one of the largest operators across the United States.

Through its fleet of modern Articulated Tugs and Barges (ATBs), Centerline keeps refineries and terminals supplied over a vast operating region that extends from the United States largest ports to some of its most rural locations.

In addition to its petroleum transportation services, Centerline's diverse fleet provides ship assist and escort services, oil terminal operations, freight barge services, and other rescue and general towing capabilities.





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