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Fleet Overview

Centerline owns and operates one of the largest and most technically advanced fleets of Jones Act compliant marine vessels in the United States. The fleet has been purpose-built, retrofitted, and positioned to meet a diverse group of customer and market needs throughout Centerline's operating areas that include the West, East, and Gulf Coasts plus Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico. 

The fleet is generally made up of liquid container barges focused on petroleum transportation and tug boats to facilitate the movement of the barges. Additionally, the Centerline fleet includes individualized assets focused on specific markets or services like cargo barges and tractor tugs that provide other non-liquid petroleum transportation services.

As one of the largest and youngest fleets in the country, Centerline is well positioned to serve customer needs across any geography or service need.

123 vessels under Centerline's combined operations

Average tank barge age of ~12 years

~3 million barrels of total liquid barge carrying capacity

Fleet Specifics

ATB Barge

ATB ("Articulated Tug Barge") barges are coupled to tugboats via secure pinning system that enables the combined unit to operate jointly to form a tanker-like operating vessel


ATB Tugboat

ATB ("Articulated Tug Barge") tugs are coupled to barges via a secure pinning system that enables the combined unit to operate jointly or to form a tanker-like operating vessel


Bunker and Terminal Barges

Bunker and terminal barges carry bulk cargo for resupplying ships and terminal over short distances


Conventional Tugboat

Conventional tugs are paired with bunker and terminal barges to facilitate cargo movements between marine locations over short and long distances


Deck Cargo Barges

Deck cargo barges carry bulk cargo, general cargo, and containers


Tractor Tugboat

Tractor tugboats are primarily used to assist and escort various ships navigating major ports and to provide coastwise and harbor tows of cargo

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