Centerline in the News

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Centerline Logistics Welcomes Newly Acquired Equipment
Massive Efforts to Clear Shipping Traffic Jam at L.A. Port
Centerline Logistics' East Coast Operations is hiring!
Capt. Josiah Layfield makes his living rescuing ships stranded at sea, just off the coast of L.A., at one of the busiest ports in the world.
Centerline Logistics and Vard Marine Announce Joint Effort to Design LNG Bunker Barge
Centerline Logistics' Los Angeles Equipment Featured in Animal Kingdom
The provider of marine petroleum transportation services is steering the shipping industry toward cleaner and more sustainable fuels.
Centerline Logistics Moves New Tugs on Heavy Lift Ship for West Coast Service
Centerline Repowers Tug CE to Lower Emissions and Improve Environmental Sustainability
National Marine Petroleum Transportation Leader Continues to Expand
ATB Unit DALE R. LINDSEY & PETRO MARINER Respond to Mayday Call in Alaska
Read Centerline Logistics CEO Matt Godden’s opinion piece in the California Business Journal.